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For more information or to submit content for review, please email socialmedia@aamc.org. Failure or delay in the application of some of these conditions does not constitute a waiver of our rights under these conditions or laws. Unless otherwise stated above, these conditions constitute the entire agreement and unite any prior agreement or communication between you and us regarding the AAMC website. If you have any questions about these conditions, please contact us at ip@aamc.org. The AAMC is committed to managing its business ethically and legally. AAMC staff are required to adhere to the AAMC`s ethical policy, including compliance with all laws, disclosure of conflicts of interest and other actions in a manner that puts the interests of the AAMC above any personal interest. If you wish to report unethical behaviour by an AAMC employee, you can contact the AAMC`s ethical call number at 855-729-0137 or online at www.aamc.ethicspoint.com. A report can be made anonymously. All reports are confidential. The AAMC undertakes to take non-retaliation action against anyone who makes a report. At its June 2014 meeting, the Medical Training Liaison Committee approved the AAMC Uniforme Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement as recognition standards.

Approval limits a multi-year information process to reduce the need to negotiate and renegotiate short-term supervised training experience agreements, which pose a relatively low risk to all parties involved. The more institutions that use the single agreement, the more time each saves. Insert your institution`s name into our registration today by sending an email to visitingstudents@aamc.org. AURRA contains general legal terms and is managed as a PDF document on the AAMC website. It is designed to be integrated by reference to a program contract letter (or other agreement) signed by the sponsoring institution and the participating website. For those who need to amend or add provisions because of unique state requirements or for other reasons, the PLA may be amended to reflect these provisions.

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