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Cadastre – Local urban planning register which lists information relating to real estate blue card – Debit card professional card – credit card – credit card – identity card identity card – Identity card withdrawal card – Ec card merchant card – Establishment permit for foreign residents residence card – State residence permit in France (also called Residence permit) Prudence – Deposit/ Tax guarantee – Finanzamt urban planning certificate – Zone certificate (corresponding to a territorial search) Transfer – Transfer of ownership or rights – Checkbook – Checkbook – Checkbook fees – Maintenance costs of a property (for example.B.B. Water, electricity) Special clause – Special condition Penalty clause – suspensive penalty clause for the execution of a contractual clause – a conditional clause in a contract that must be respected, for the sale to be concluded Labour Code – French Commission of Labour Law (C / C) – Agency commission included Commission not included – Agency commission not included Labour Code – French labour law Community – Joint succession of a married couple and spouse of sale – Contract for the sale and purchase of land accounting cash note holder – Cashkauf term account – Current account – Current account – Community account escrow account – Assistance for deposit in a special trust account until certain conditions are fulfilled special conditions – Special conditions Suspensive conditions – Conditional conditions of the pre-sale contract (e.g.B. Moreover, the order of the subjects is important here. not in the grammatical sense of the term; but we, the French, assume that it is a little rude to place oneself in front of others (or the interlocutor in front of another third person) in such sentences. Therefore, you will rarely hear someone say ”me and John” or ”you and him” in this order: he is considered a mistake in education. The adaptation of the verb can be divided into five categories. In this article, we focus on the concordance of verbs with their subject, but some of the reflections we will have here also apply to other grammatical forms (correspondence of adjectives for example). It is even more difficult to comply with the rules of perception….

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