Aws Beta Test Participation Agreement

5.6. With Amazon EC2, you can provide Amazon EC2-Instances using your Microsoft software and Microsoft licenses (the ”BYOL program”). Unless otherwise stated in your (s) agreement (s) with Microsoft, you can only participate in the BYOL program if you meet the stated requirements and use (a) dedicated instances or dedicated hosts; and (b) Starting Virtual Machines (VMs) from binary software files that you provide. The terms of use below govern your use of the Services. The wholesale terms that are used in these terms of service, but are not defined below, are defined in the AWS customer agreement or any other agreement with us regarding your use of the Services (the ”Convention”). For the purposes of these terms of service, ”Your Content” includes all ”company content” and all ”customer content” and ”AWS” ”Amazon Properties.” 35.1. For every test on an Apple device (an ”Apple test” each), you declare and guarantee that you have an active and valid Apple Developer account registered under your iOS Developer Program License Agreement with Apple at the time of running such an Apple test. You appoint us as an approved developer (as defined in the Apple Developer Program`s license agreement) for the duration of all Apple tests and understand that you are responsible to Apple for all actions we perform in each Apple test. In the event that a court considers a clause or provision of the agreement to be illegal or unenforceable, dissociability ensures that only that clause is declared invalid, while the rest of the agreement remains in force. It can also be formulated in such a way that a revision of the clause makes it enforceable rather than completely nullifying it. Here is an example of Ampetronic: the licensee is responsible for all costs and expenses related to the use of the beta product and the completion of all testing and evaluation activities.

This clause, also known as the beta ”non-responsibility clause,” explicitly states that the ”AS IS” application provided is authorized and contains errors and stability issues. Testing is the only goal behind the use of the application and the developer disclaims any responsibility for data loss, damage or loss of profit resulting from the use of the beta application. Similarly, the developer refuses all explicit and unspoken guarantees for the application to be tested and the tester uses the application at his own risk. As you send beta updates, it`s a good place to explicitly state that they are subject to the same conditions. Here`s an example of Paragoni apps: When planning a beta test, a common error made by app developers is not to be taken into account the legality of the test. Just because the application is still in the pre-release phase doesn`t mean it`s normal to give up formalities. In fact, it is doubly important for a beta test specifically because it is not yet out of development and has not been released for the public. 35.3.

You acknowledge and accept that we cannot share application packages, test packages (pre-compiled), test source code, application extension files or ancillary data files to third parties solely for the purpose of the automated security survey.