Interview Disagreement With Boss

Example: ”At first, I felt very defensive. But it took me a second to pull myself together and I was able to stay cool and balanced, while explaining to my boss how I was running the campaign and why I made certain decisions. When she heard my reasoning, my boss also calmed down. She drew attention to some things that I did well, but that I still didn`t agree with my overall approach. It was hard to hear feedback, especially since I had taken a lot of care and time with this campaign. But after listening to what my boss had to say, I realized that I could make some corrections in the future. I also knew that I had to do things right with the client. If your boss micromaniated you, discriminated against you, or violated company culture in some way, this may be good examples if you disagreed with his behavior, but it could be subjective examples. However, if your boss made a bad financial decision that you didn`t agree with, you have numbers and statistics to back up your answer. You can say that you did not agree with this decision because your alternative plan would have saved the company money or brought more money to the company, etc. This is objective and it shows the interviewer that you have a keen eye for details and that you are a critical thinker who could be a valuable resource – unlike tricky subjects.

Example: ”While I was working on a project for a former employer, a member of my team regularly questioned all the solutions I presented. He also tended to interrupt others and talk about them without listening to their contribution. I experienced a challenge to maintain my patience when he interrupted others without listening. It got to a point where our respective managers both advised us on our behavior. Example: ”In my job as Marketing Account Manager, I was responsible for managing all relationships with five big clients. Once, an angry customer approached my boss to take care of an email marketing campaign. My boss was angry and lured me into her office to tell me that she agreed with the client and that I had mismanaged the campaign. I didn`t agree with her. I had spent weeks looking for data for the campaign and putting all the parts together, and I felt like the campaign was well managed. Make sure the story is so simple that the interviewer can quickly understand what`s going on. A complex story, lasting 20 minutes, diverts attention from your conflict resolution abilities.

Keep your story for a few minutes that really highlight your ability to deal with obstacles. Sharing your comments is one thing to refuse to obey another. Talk about a situation where you shared your comments with the boss, but ultimately followed his orders, whether or not you agreed with him. At the end of the day, your attitude is important to the interviewers and not the particular situation you are telling. Show them that you`re willing to share constructive criticism with your boss, but that no destructive conflict starts with him. You will tell them your opinion, you will explain your reasoning and you will let them decide. Because it`s their responsibility. Parameter managers ask if you disagree with your previous manager to get an idea of how you might disagree with them once you`re hired. They are curious about the respect you have for a higher authority, while having the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Hiring managers want someone who can tell them they`re wrong in a way that builds a relationship.

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