Umass Community Agreement Form

Updated links cited in postdoc 2022 CBAArticle 27: Appendix D: E: In addition, students can make an appointment for a virtual chat with a transfer consultant using this chat request. The student chooses the mode of contact (zoom-meeting, phone call or Skype call) as well as the date and time at which he wishes to be contacted. You can provide completed documents via email to This increase in the number of cases in the UMass community has contributed to the state of Amherst and Sunderland designating amherst and Sunderland as high-risk municipalities for the transfer of COVID-19, according to amherst and Sunderland officials. Students moving from a Community College can use credits earned on a State U or UMass campus at their home university to earn an associate degree. Holyoke Community College and Southern New Hampshire University have entered into several agreements to improve and facilitate the transfer process. Students can use these agreements for on-campus programs, online programs, or a combination of both. Our Tuesday information sessions start on September 15th and take place every Tuesday at 10.m. This is the registration link. Articulation agreements are formal contracts that combine QCC degree programs with certain bachelor`s degrees in private higher education institutions/universities (as well as a few specific majors in public universities). Student Transfer Application ProcessInternational Student Transfer Application Process Financial Transfers and Scholarship InformationTransfer FAQ Articulation agreements exist between two higher or university education departments and certain programs. The agreement defines the courses that a student at Holyoke Community College should take and the transferability of those courses to the four-year university curriculum.

An articulation agreement deals with transferability from one degree to another degree. As a member of the university community, I agree to take active action to protect the health and safety of every member of our campus and local communities in the midst of this global pandemic. In addition, I recognize that my efforts keep me and those with whom I live safe and healthier. My success (personal, academic and/or professional) depends on staying healthy and accepting common behavioral changes that protect me and other members of the university and the local community from disease. I agree to invite others to participate with me by reminding them of their responsibility to our larger community. Under this agreement, students enrolled at HCC in approved mass transfer programs and who enter the HCC Honor Program with an AMP of 3.4 or higher will be guaranteed admission to Commonwealth Honors College. HCC students who do not complete the honorarium program at HCC, but retain an AMP of 3.5 or more for two or more semesters and are in an approved mass transfer program, will also have access to Commonwealth Honors College. For transfer, HCC students must also meet all other UMass admission criteria.

General image courses are the basis of any bachelor`s degree. This set of 34 credits can be transferred to and from any Massachusetts Community College, State U or UMass Campus….

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