Wlufa Agreement A member may request a list of teaching assignments that do not comply with the provisions of,,, and Such requests require the consent of the Dean and an agreement on this agreement must be made in writing, which will be copied to the Association In consultation with the Faculty President and subject to the consent of the Dean and in addition to the provisions of and, a faculty member may organize his or her teaching activities in such a way that by teaching additional courses, but no more than one such course per semester, the faculty member may have a reduced teaching load in another semester. In addition to this form of ”course bank,” a faculty member may plan a tenure without teaching in consultation with the department chair and subject to the approval of the dean and vice president: Academically by accumulating enough credits to be released from teaching for a semester. Members will continue to be responsible for service duties during this period. As of July 1, 2009, a faculty member may not book more than 3 courses of a semester or equivalent courses, and courses booked in accordance with this section will not be retained for more than 3 academic years. (a) Members` use of online learning materials must respect and comply with Canadian copyright law and university licensing and copyright agreements; 13.3.2 For TPP members, a classroom peer review takes place in the year preceding the application. This examination is carried out by the president or representative of the department. The designated person must usually be from the unit or sub-unit of instruction where the course is offered, or from a related discipline. The election of the expert shall be mutually agreed between the Chairperson and the member. The assessment shall include at least one (1) visit and no more than 3 visits to the Member`s classes.

The planning of class visits shall be carried out by mutual agreement between the member and the president or designated person and shall be determined not later than 15 September of the second year of the member`s provisional appointment. This assessment must be made in writing, presented to the member and copied into the official file of the Dean and the member. (a) a minimum annual scholarship in accordance with Article 30.11.1 of this Agreement; In addition to the higher workload, brantford`s full-time faculties receive lower salaries than their Waterloo counterparts. In preparation for negotiations on the full-time collective agreement, which expires in June 2011, the WLUFA commissioned a study on Brantford wages. The hired consultant noted that Brantford faculty received an average of $2,500.00 to $4,500.00 less than Waterloo arts faculty, adjusted for gender, age, rank and type of appointment. The WLUFA failed to secure salary increases for Brantford faculty in the last round of collective bargaining, so Brantford faculty will continue to be underpaid until at least July 2014. .

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