About VMI IT Services

As a customer with us, you get more than just first-class products and services – Our support!

VMI IT Services AB is an IT company with many years in the industry, good knowledge and great commitment. Our specialty is small and medium-sized corporate customers. But among our customers you’ll find everything from private individuals to listed companies and government agencies.

The company is today established with the entire country as a customer base and we have customers from China in the east to the USA in the west.

VMI Internet Services AB is headquartered in Väddö, about 3 km north of Norrtälje, Sweden.


We provide IT and telephony services, customizable solutions to the customer’s wishes. Services we offer include web hosting, domains, backup, telephony, sharepoint, thin clients, outlook exchange  and not the least a very good and functioning support.

Our high performance servers are located in two separate server rooms, one in Kista and one in Väddö. Thanks to round-the-clock monitoring and the fact that we are constantly updating our hardware to the latest, we have a very high level of security for our backups.


The company was founded in 1993 by Thomas Viktorsson. In 1995, the company got its current focus and name.

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