"Personlig support av högsta kvalitet"

IT support

What many small and medium-sized companies lack today is a pronounced IT policy and someone who is responsible for the day-to-day work really working. You often have several different suppliers with different responsibilities and maybe not full control that the backups can really be restored. When problems occur, there is often a doubt who to call.


VMI has the resources to take full responsibility for IT operations at your company. We take full control of your IT at the company and you will only have one number to call. We are responsible for helping you with computers, software, servers, telephony, broadband and everything else that falls under the concept of IT.

Proactive or reactive?

Together with you, we set up an IT policy and future plan. It is important to remove the reactive work that often occurs when something has stopped working. With good planning and scheduled visits, you prevent a lot of the usual problems.


A “regular” support call with remote control from us usually costs between SEK 200 (up to 10 minutes) and SEK 425 (half hour). VAT is added.

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