"En säker backup kan vara skillnaden mellan katastrof eller att fortsätta din arbetsdag som vanligt."


What if the server crashes or you accidentally delete the wrong document? Do you need a reliable backup of your server or workstation?

With VMI Backup Store, your documents are transferred via the Internet to our Backup service online. A program is installed on your computer, local file server or dedicated server.

You decide

You decide when you want the backup to take place. Either via manual start or scheduled during day or night time. Also choose how long the archiving should take place and how many backups of each file to save.

Optimized and encrypted transmission

The files that are transferred to VMI are encrypted and to optimize the transfer, only files that have been changed since the last backup were changed.


It does not matter which operating system is used.
We have solutions for all types of backup for both Windows, Windows Server, Mac or Linux.

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