"Vi tänker virtuellt, molnbaserat och driftsäkert – vi tänker framtid!"

Data center

VMI Internet Services AB works with what we are good at, server operation, communication solutions, backup and security.

We think virtual, cloud-based and reliable – we think of the future!

Our server rooms are located in Kista, Stockholm and Väddö, north of Norrtälje. The server rooms have a first-class cooling system and our servers are constantly updated to the latest hardware without the customer even noticing. The demands on security are constantly increasing and entails costs for redundant systems and external backups. We take care of everything.

Why dedicated server?

A dedicated virtual server has the advantage that it can be customized to the customer’s needs. You are completely “alone” on your server, which is an advantage from performance and security points of view.
You save time, energy and can dedicate yourself to your own business. And of course, our support is available when you need it.

Here are some common uses

  • … the company’s website – eg and a WordPress server
  • … the business system – For example, a server for VISMA applications
  • … file server – store your files externally and avoid having to think about backup
  • …telephone exchange
  • … e-commerce / webshops

Very reliable

Our server solutions have full redundancy, which means that if a server breaks down, our server environment is built so that the next server takes over.

We use modern blade servers from Dell and central storage based on Dell Equallogic. We also offer to take over management and operate existing local servers.


We offer several different levels of backup. Everything from traditional file backup to more advanced solutions where there are start-up servers in a different location.

Below you will find our deafult packages, but we can tailor a package according to your needs if you wish.

Package 1
Virtual Linux or Windows server
4096 Mb Server RAM (can be extended)
Linux or Windows server operating system
50+100 Gb disk space (can be extended)
100 mbps connection
Advancerad backup every hour
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Package 2
Virtual server cluster
This solution is very reliable and you have an SLA level of at least 99.9%
The principle is that the services (eg web and database) are distributed on several servers behind a so-called. load balance. Usually there are 2-6 servers in the cluster. The services are spread out so that a single malfunction does not affect the service.

Debian GNU / Linux (Windows can also be rented)
Optional custom software based on needs
24/7 monitoring with active measures
1000 mbps connection
Advancerad backup every hour
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Package 3
Server cluster with geographical redundancy
Same as Package 2 but with the difference that the servers are also spread out in different server rooms.
This gives up to 99.99% uptime on the service.
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