"Telefoni som fungerar överallt, från fast telefon till mobil"

Telephony services

What is included in VMI’s telephony services?

Whether you are a private individual or have a company with many employees, there is a suitable package for you. Depending on the package, there are services such as:

Telephone package

Service and hardware, you can buy the telephony service together with phones with us at a package price.

How does it work?

There are a wide range of phones that will fit your specific needs. As a private individual, the Gigaset C610IP can be a suitable model. The company may need a desktop phone.

Of course, you will find suitable accessories such as headsets. If you want to use your old phone you need to supplement with a so-called. VOIP converter.

If you only want to use a mobile phone, our app is included where you can also set up referrals, log into the company’s queue – and of course make outgoing calls!

If you have an existing telephone number, you can of course move it over to your IP telephone or you choose a new telephone number with us.

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